Registration of companies, sole traders, ships, and trademarks on the Island of Sark, British Crown Dependency. To find data about a business registered with us, please use this link.




For incorporation of your company on the Island of Sark, you need to provide (1) a memorandum of incorporation, (2) articles of incorporation, (3) resolution to appoint a Sark resident agent of the company, (4) identity of the director (verified by an online video conversation if out of the island). There is no registration fee.



Registration of sole traders

Sole traders and self-employed persons are registered upon presentation of (1) an identity document, (2) a proof of address on the Island of Sark. Registration is free of charge.



Sark Ships Register

Sark Ships Register will start its operation next year.



Sark Trademark Register

To register a trademark, you need to fill in the application form, and pay the fee of £ 100.


About Us

The Sark Company Registry is an organisation governed by the law of the Fief of Sark, British Crown Dependency in the Channel. The jurisdiction of Sark was established in 1565 by Queen Elizabeth I acting in her right of a Duc of Normandy. The corporate law of the States of Guernsey is not applicable in Sark, since the Island is a separate jurisdiction.

Prof. Dr. Stanislav TOMAS is Acting President of the Registry.

About Us

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Sark Company Registry, Registry House, Sark, Channel Islands.






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